Pool-side video analysis

Velodrome sessions

Altitude Training

One-to-One Swimming, Running & Cycling Training

State-of-the-art training for swimmers, triathletes, cyclists and runners. One-to-one swimming sessions, from learn to swim to world-class level. Cycling training programmes that produce results. Treadmill running for interval sessions and gait analysis.


From learning to swim right up to county, district and national level, we use a one-to-one coaching technique in an Elite Endless Pool using visual feedback from mirrors and underwater cameras.

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One-to-one treadmill coaching with the option of gait analysis for speed/endurance and lactate tolerance. From track runner/sprint triathlon to marathon/iron man. VO2 Max Testing now available.

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Using six Wattbike Pros we individually tailor programmes for time trialing, hill climbs and road racing. And with simulated altitude training we can help you boost your performance significantly!

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