INCUS | NOVA Analytics Tool

INCUS | NOVA is the worlds first integrated measurement and analytics tool for swimmers and triathletes.

Explore technique and performance to a new level of clarity with the Incus wearable analytics tool worn on the upper spine. This approach allows direct, clear measurement of your body’s left and right sides and forward motion, rather than measuring from your head or wrist and guessing at the rest.

The quality and clarity of the results produced by INCUS | NOVA move towards predictive analytics that proactively benefit training.

  • Velocity Gain™
  • Body Roll
  • Pitch profiling
  • LHS/RHS stroke detection
  • Breath analysis (LHS/RHS)
  • Advanced insights
  • Body balance (LHS/RHS)

The INCUS system is effective whether you’re training with a coach, as part of a team or just on your own.

Goode2Tri is in a training partnership with INCUS Performance. Swimmers can use the wearable device in our Endless Pool and get data downloaded to the INCUS app. The device is also available through Goode2Tri at a discounted cost. Contact us for more details.