One-to-One Swimming Coaching

From learning to swim right up to county, district and international level swimmers, we use a one-to-one coaching technique in an Elite Endless Pool using visual feedback from mirrors and multiple underwater High-Definition cameras. Footage can be viewed back immediately for analysis, enabling swimmers to see areas for improvement in the session.

We can also upload clips to the Goode2Swim YouTube channel for later viewing at home.

  • One of the few Elite Endless Pools in the country
  • Allows enhancements to technique by making small, precise changes
  • Electronic meter gives time per 100m swim
  • Adjust pool current from 4min 19sec per 100m to 54sec per 100m
  • Swim up to World Record pace
  • Use of fins and snorkels to provide precise technique
  • Unique sculling drills to improve stroke
  • Coaching from club and district level swimmers right up to international standard
  • One-to-one coaching technique to achieve efficient, low energy cost freestyle which is most effective for triathlon