Powerbreather Snorkels

Breathe in the water as freely as never before. The Powerbreather is an innovative sports tool for swimming, triathlon and diving. No matter how long and intensively you swim: It always supplies you with optimum oxygen without water infiltrating – in contrast to conventional snorkels.

It perfectly adjusts to your head shape, fits comfortably and reliably. That’s due to its patented technology and its excellent design.

The Powerbreather offers functionality made to measure. Due to its modular system the tool can be adjusted exactly to the environment and personal training requirements. Consequently it is possible for high performance swimmers and triathletes to intensify training step by step. Through variation of the membrane and caps built into the Speed vents, resistance and air volume during breathing in can be changed. They can thus specifically strengthen the respiratory muscles or set an additional training incentive by a thus created lack of oxygen. We use special membranes for the Speed vents. You will quickly get used to the initial slight breathing resistance caused by the membranes. Specifically for open water swimmers the Powerbreather offers variable tube extensions and special diffusers to be well equipped for different wind and wave conditions.

Goode2Tri also sells the Sport, Lap and Wave editions at exclusive prices.