Bioracer Aero Virtual Wind Tunnel

How It Works

By placing our Bioracer Aero webcam in front of our smart trainer we can create your own virtual windtunnel.

Whilst training, you will receive live feedback on your aerodynamic posture.

This posture will be tracked throughout the session to allow for specific training sessions.

Frontal Area

By measuring your frontal area, the amount of power you have to produce to maintain a certain speed in your current position is calculated.

You will get real time information on these parameters, as they are adjusted instantly, when you change your position on the bike.

Air Resistance Matters

At a speed of 30km/h, the air resistance is already over 80% of your total resistance. Thus it is important for every cycling enthousiast to be aware of aerodynamics. As the speed increases, the air resistance becomes even more important. Bioracer Aero is the only tool available to train your aerodynamic position, by lowering your frontal area you can lower the air resistance up to 20%. These are basically free watts, as each and every rider can alter his position without a big cost.

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