Bike Sessions

24 Week WattBike Programme £288 (or £12 per one hour guided session)
£600 (or £25 per one hour one-to-one session)
SRM Highly Adjustable Smart Power Trainer Sessions £12 per one hour guided session
£25 per one hour one-to-one session
One-to-One WattBike FTP Test £25 for 45 minutes
One-to-One WattBike Session £25 per one hour session

Elite Endless Pool

The Three Fundamentals £20 per half hour taster session
Technique Sessions £20 per half hour session
£40 per hour session
Interval Sessions
For experienced swimmers
from £20 per hour session
Children’s Sessions £15 per half hour session (under 15 years)


One-to-One Interval Sessions £25 per session

Brick Sessions

Run/Bike/Run £20
Swim/Bike/Run £30

Air Relax Recovery Boots

Recover faster, increase circulation, reduce muscle soreness, fatigue and inflammation. See video.

15 Minutes £5
30 Minutes £10

VO2 Max Performance Testing

Using Cosmed FitMate Pro. Introductory prices, for a limited time only!

Resting Metabolic Rate Test £30
VO2 Max Test – Bike or Run £70
VO2 Sub Test – Bike or Run £70

Altitude Simulation Performance Testing

Using Hypoxico Altitude Generator, simulating altitudes up to 3962 m.

One-to-One Sessions (only) on Wattbike or Treadmill £35 per hour
Athletes oxygen levels must be monitored closely

Ameo Powerbreather Snorkels

Sport Edition £60
Lap Edition £65
Wave Edition £75
Training Plans: Every individuals goals are unique so please message or call to discuss yours.
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